The ideal audio to help you acknowledge that others have their own problems.



Compassion/Empathy is an audio to help install new neural pathways that help you be more compassionate towards others. Compassion is not the same as pity, in fact, compassion/empathy helps us to see someone else’s position rather than just being concerned about our own. It also helps in learning to not take another’s actions personal.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing background noise of this audio, while your subconscious soaks up the affirmations hidden underneath. Subliminal Audios are  a great way to install change into your brain like installing hardware into your computer. No more walking around with affirmations written on your hand or post it notes stuck all over your house or office. This audio can be played while you sleep or the no background track can be played when no one needs to know that it is on. 30 days is the minimum for listening to a subliminal audio to install the change, anything less would not give the desired results. Creating new neural pathways is like trying to create a new habit, if you can listen to it everyday for 30 days it becomes ingrained.

For personal use only.

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